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Jills Wild Dutch Bunch

Pedigreed & Registered Dutch Rabbits
Since 1975

My name is Jill Pfaff, I moved in June 2004 to Corvallie, Oregon (less than an hour north of Eugene in the beautiful Willamette Valley. My rabbitry consists of about 50 cages, 20 brood pens and the rest for bucks and juniors. I’ve enjoyed raising and showing rabbits since joining 4-H as a young teenager and have continued through several moves and changes in my life. Dutch have always been my favorite breed and I have experienced raising all the recognized colors and a few others. Since 1997 I have been raising Harlequin Dutch descended from European imports. Now I am spending my energy to promote the Harlequin variety and my goal is to gain ADRC and ARBA acceptance.

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